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IASA 2014 Conference: Italians Without Borders - Transnational Italian (American) Experience

Call for Presentations and Panels
Italians Without Borders: Transnational Italian (American) Experience

The University of Toronto
October 17-19th, 2014

Send Proposals by Email Only to gguida@citytech.cuny.edu

The Italian American Studies Association welcomes proposals for individual presentations and full panels (three to four presenters per panel, not including the chair and respondent) at its 47th Toronto, Canada. Especially encouraged are scholarly and creative presentations and panels dealing with transnational Italian (American) experience.

Italians have long crossed borders of nation-states in the interests of economic opportunity, political cause and calling, education, religion, entertainment, love, and other pursuits. For centuries the borders they crossed lay within modern-day Italy, Europe or the Mediterranean basin. For the past 150 years Italians have carried their cultures and ever-evolving identities across the globe. This year IASA calls upon scholars, creative writers and artists to examine the great and lasting impact of Italian migrations.

Possible presentation and panel topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • The Italian presence in specific nations, regions, cities or communities
  • The impact of individual Italian migrants or small migrant groups on their adoptive societies
  • National, regional or local attitudes and responses to Italian presence
  • The short-term and long-term effects of Italian culture(s) on the development of national, regional or local culture and identity
  • Italian global citizens
  • Italian trade
  • Italy and its diaspora
  • Reverse migrations
  • Transnational technologies and global identities
  • The reconstruction of Italian life abroad

The conference is interdisciplinary and inter-genre in its perspective and thus is open to scholars in different disciplines, creative writers (novelists, poets, and memoirists), and visual and media artists. The conference committee is open to papers not addressing this year’s conference theme.

For Further Information, Please Visit www.italianamericanstudies.net or send inquiries to gguida@citytech.cuny.edu.


Please email an abstract of your individual presentation or panel of no more than 500 words, plus a note on technical requirements, and a brief biographies of participants, by May1st, 2014, to gguida@citytech.cuny.edu.

We encourage the submission of organized panels (of no more than three presenters and a chairperson). The conference committee encourages organized panels that are interdisciplinary and inter-genre.

All presentations are to last no longer than twenty minutes, including audio and visual illustrations that accompany presentations.

An individual can be a paper presenter, a panel chair, a panel discussant, and a roundtable participant but cannot be any one of these more than once, eg., being a presenter and a discussant but not chairing two different panels.

Individual paper and panel proposals should include requests for audiovisual equipment (eg., computer projector).

Prospective presenters may expect to be advised of their acceptance or otherwise by July of 2014.

All presenters, respondents, and discussants must be members in good standing of the Italian American Studies Association by September 15th, 2014.