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Call for Papers: The Third Film Symposium on Contemporary Italian Cinema

(Jul 17, 2011)

New Trends in Modern and Contemporary Italian Cinema. Presented by The Department of French and Italian at Indiana University.

Submissions are being accepted for original research on new directors and trends in Italian cinema. Papers may focus on, but should not be limited to: new directions in criticism, financial and political dynamics in film production, analysis of individual films, development of new authorial visions, the relationship to other national cinematographic traditions and films, intersections between film and other arts (photography, music, literature, etc.), "Italophone cinema" coming from the Americas, Australia, Africa, The Mediterranean World or other countries, the representation of family and gender, the issue and experience of otherness, the search for cultural and spiritual identity. Proposals on the pedagogical application of cinema in the foreign language classroom and on documentaries are also welcomed.

Papers should be written in the language in which the reader feels most comfortable (Italian or English); however, they should be limited to no more than 18 minutes (8-9 doubled-spaced pages).

One-page abstracts should be sent electronically (Word attachment only) by Dec. 31, 2011 or before to Antonio Vitti (ancvitti@indiana.edu), or to Andrea Ciccarelli (aciccare@indiana.edu ).