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New! Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies

(Feb 01, 2012)

The new Journal of Italian Cinema and Media Studies is a fully peer reviewed English language journal, which explores Italian cinema and media as sites of crossing, allowing critical discussion of the work of filmmakers, artists in the film industry and media professionals.



The journal intends to revive a critical discussion on the auteurs, celebrate new directors and accented cinema, and examine Italy as a geo-cultural locus for contemporary debate on translocal cinema. The journal also welcomes contributions on the hybridisation of film and media aesthetics, and the development of innovative transmedia texts and crossmedia narratives.

Principal Editor
Flavia Laviosa
Wellesley College

First Associate Editor
Manuela Gieri
University of Basilicata

Second Associate Editor
Grace Russo Bullaro
City University of New York

Third Associate Editor
Stephen Gundle
University of Warwick

Reviews Editor
Ellen Nerenberg
Wesleyan University

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