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Call for submissions : Marketing Italy

(Feb 23, 2012)

The Journal of Historical Research in Marketing invites submissions for a special issue focused on “Italian Marketing History”. Several overarching themes are planned including historical studies of marketing within Italy and the ways in which Italy has been marketed beyond the country’s borders, the emergence of new distribution channels, the adaptation of marketing strategies imported from abroad, the ‘economic miracle’ of the late 1950s and subsequent affluence of the 1960s, the development of new consumer identities amongst women and youth, elite and mass tourism, and the centuries-long marketing history of the Italian luxury industries such as fashion, furniture, and food.
For this special issue of JHRM specific topics might include but are not limited to historical perspectives on Italian advertising, Americanization, consumer identities, fascism, immigrant markets and immigrants as marketers, "Italianness," and tourism.

The submission deadline for this special issue is August 1, 2013 with an expected publication date of August 2014. If you are unsure of the suitability of your topic or have questions regarding a submission, please contact the special issue guest editor Jonathan Morris, Research Professor of Modern European History, University of Hertfordshire at j.2.morris@herts.ac.uk.