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Italian Doc Remix in Concert

(Feb 25, 2012)

Italian Doc Remix opens a new chapter in the history of Italian-American music by mixing ancestral aural memories from the lost homeland with the urban sophistication of New York’s downtown sound innovations.
The sextet led by Italian-born guitarist Marco Cappelli and Italian American percussionist Jim Pugliese offers a musical experience that reconnects contemporary American life to the traditional roots of the Italian identity, redefining the one and the other each time they play. Southern Italian melodies meet jazz, rock and improvisation mashing with blues and hip hop... and more.

Thursday, March 1, 2012 8:00pm until 10:30pm
Roulette Club
509 Atlantic Ave (State St.), Brooklyn, New York 
Admission: $10
Buy tickets at: http://www.roulette.org/events/event.php/IDR2012