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New Orleans St. Joseph's Day Parade March 10

(Feb 29, 2012)

The Italian American Marching Band of New Orleans will hold the city's 42nd annual St. Joseph's Day Parade  on Saturday, March 10, in the French Quarter. The evening begins with pizza, wine, and Italian music, then the marchers, dressed in black tuxedos, proceed to parade through New Orleans' famous French Quarter. Thousands of locals and tourists line the streets to take part in our celebration. We exchange salutations, hand out silk flowers and fava beans, and dance and sing with the bystanders. We follow the parade with a gala in the grand ballroom of the New Orleans Hilton,

For more information on the Parade and on the St. Joseph's tables and altars of New Orleans' rich Sicilian heritage:
http://www.iamcnola.org and http://www.neworleansonline.com/neworleans/seasonal/stjosephsday.html