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Call for Grant Submissions--Modern Italian History

(Feb 29, 2012)

The 2012 Trinity College (Hartford, CT) Research Grant in Modern Italian History supports archival or field research in Italy. It is funded by the Cesare Barbieri Endowment for Italian Culture. Scholars who are based in the United States may apply. The application process streamlined and simple. Please see information below or at the Barbieri Endowment website: http://www.cbendowment.org/grant/
• Amount: $7,500.
• Subject: Modern Italian history in any genre.
• Application: (1) Research proposal (1,000 words). (2) Schedule, itinerary,
and budget (one page). (3) CV. NB: No letters of reference.
• Submission: Send application as a .doc, .rtf, or .pdf file by email to John
Alcorn (executive committee, Barbieri Endowment) at john.alcorn@trincoll.edu
• Deadline: March 1st.
• Decision: May 1st.
• Disbursement: July 1st.
The grant is awarded by a committee convened and chaired by Borden W. Painter, Jr. (honorary president of the Barbieri Endowment and professor emeritus of history), founder of the grant; or by the executive committee of the Barbieri Endowment with assistance by experts on specific topics in the grant proposals.
As a condition of the grant, the recipient may be required to present his or her research findings in a public lecture at Trinity College in the following year. The Barbieri Endowment will fund travel and provide hospitality for the lecture.