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Call for Papers--Insurgency and Resistance: 2012 North American Labor History Conference

(Mar 01, 2012)

The Program Committee of the North American Labor History Conference invites proposals for sessions, papers, and roundtables on “Insurgency and Resistance” for its thirty-fourth annual meeting in Ocotber, 2012 at Wayne State University. Throughout history, workers have engaged in insurgency and resistance from factories to fields, from plantations to plants, from mines to mills, and in cities and in the countryside. Power and authority have been contested on a variety of terrains, both inside and outside of traditional labor structures. More recently, conflicts have erupted in Latin America, the Arabworld, southern Europe, China, and across North America.
     The program committee encourages submissions from international,comparative, and interdisciplinary perspectives. We welcome the integration of public historians with community and labor activists,using a variety of formats (workshops, roundtable discussions, bookalks, and multimedia presentations). We encourage thematic sessions that cross borders, both disciplinary and geographical, especially those dealing with race, gender, class, and empire.

Please submit paper and/or panel proposals (including a 1 paragraph abstract and a brief vita or biographical statement for all participants) by March 23, 2012, to
Professor Francis Shor, Coordinator
North American Labor History Conference
Department of History, Wayne State University
3094 Faculty Administration Building
Detroit, MI 48202
Phone: 313-577-2525; Fax: 313-577-6987
Email: alhc@wayne.edu
The 34th Annual North American Labor History Conference
October 18-20, 2012
Wayne State University
Detroit, Michigan