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The Queen of Little Italy, Annie Carlo-Blasi. Courtesy Chicago History Museum.

Italian Women in Chicago: Call for Stories

(Mar 02, 2012)

La Storia---Researching Italian Women in Chicago is the title of a planned  book which will be published by Casa Italia on the Italian Women of Chicago in time for Christmas 2012! All are invited to attend an introductory event on Friday, March 9, at the Italian Cultural Center, Chicago--it will be a community gathering of the sources for documenting and sharing the story of Italian women in Chicago. Gloria Nardini, Christine Ruscitti, Jeanette Risatti Viehman, Kimberly Palmisano, and Dominic Candeloro invite the IA community to bring in photos, documents, memorabilia, clippings, and other resources for possible use in La Storia, slated for publication by Casa Italia.
    Our goal is to preserve and illuminate the full story of what it was like to be an Italian woman in Chicago over the decades and over the generations. The time has come for us to preserve these precious stories---our heritage---between the covers of a book, or risk losing them. Won't you please help? Attend the meeting and/or submit something for possible use in the final publication. We welcome all submissions and they will become part of the physical Casa Italia Archives and ALL submissions will either be published in the book or posted on the Casa Italia Library website, Chicago Italian Archives. The best submissions will be those that tell a good story, that delve into changing roles of women in the Italian family and American society, and that relate to the ethnic identity. We will only publish a limited number of contributions that consist of simple listings of accomplishments, tributes, obituaries, eulogies, or resumes.
   Call 708 345-5933 to let us know you are coming. Contact Dominic.Candeloro@gmail.com to submit material for the Anthology.
Casa Italia 
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