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Call for Papers : Ethnicity and the City @ Urban History Association

(Mar 13, 2012)

Panelists are needed for a session on ethnic communities and urban redevelopment at the Urban History Association's 2012 meeting in New York City, October 26-28, 2012. (Deadline: March 15, 2012). The panel will focus on Philadelphia's Chinatown  and the strategic manner in which its community leadership worked within the constraints of Orientalism and urban renewal to maintain a sense of ethnic place and living community throughout the late 20th century. The story of this community suggests a move beyond the dichotomized history of urban renewal and community resistance, particularly for ethnic enclaves, to foreground community agency and image making in a dynamic and dilemma-filled urban environment. Those interested in forming a panel on issues related to urban ethnic landscape, urban renewal and neighborhoods, community resistance to redevelopment, neighborhood "branding," slum clearance, or other topics related to mid-late 20th century urban development from an ethnic and neighborhood perspective should contact Kathryn (Kate) Wilson ASAP. The deadline for submissions is Thursday, March 15.

Kathryn (Kate) Wilson
Associate Professor
Department of History
Georgia State University
H-Urban E-mail address: h-urban@h-net.msu.edu (Click: mailto:h-urban@h-net.msu.edu )http://uha.udayton.edu/conf.html