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Call for Papers: Nostalgic Media

(Mar 13, 2012)

The international conference Flashbacks - Nostalgic Media and Mediated Forms of Nostalgia aims to explore nostalgia as a (mass) media phenomena and also seeks for contributions that treat any other mediated forms of nostalgia. What kind of memories are discriminated? Can media really be nostalgic? Which specific forms of nostalgia appear in contemporary society and why? Can people be nostalgic if they did not experience the past they pretend being nostalgic of? What kind of politics of nostalgia exist? What is the impact of nostalgia on the media market and its influence on economy? Finally, given the arbitrary (?) use of the past in all its variations and cultural systems, is it still possible to use the word nostalgia or should there be a neologism describing the transformation of the past in(to) the digital era? Could it even be possible to be simply nostalgic of nostalgia; finally describing the eternal research for (lost) identity?
Topics may include, but will not be limited to, the following: nostalgia and (mass)media, publics, web- and fan-communities, audiovisual narratives, screening, recording, migration, home-comers, homesickness, folklore, traditions, regional nostalgia, museums, nostalgic media studies and critical approaches.
Flashbacks - Nostalgic media and mediated forms of nostalgia
13-14 September 2012
Institute of Communication, Media and Journalism studies
University of Geneva, Sciences -Department of Sociology
Deadline for proposals: May 6, 2012
Send abstracts of max. 500 words, bibliography and biographical statement to:
Inquiries contact Katharina Niemeyer
(Katharina.Niemeyer@unige.ch /katharinaniemeyer@gmail.com).