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Italian "Anti-Hero" classic now available in the U.S.

(Mar 14, 2012)

Corto Maltese might have been a sensation in Europe for decades, but he’s largely slipped through the cracks in America. If Rizzoli USA's new edition of his first adventure has anything to do with it, Corto will finally join Tintin, Asterix, and the Moomins in capturing the American imagination.The creation of Italian cartoonist Hugo Pratt, wandering adventurer Corto Maltese is featured in the graphic novel The Ballad of the Salt Sea, now available in the United States for the first time in over 20 years. Claiming fans like Tim Burton, Frank Miller, and Umberto Eco, Pratt’s book series—there are 29 volumes in total—follow the globe-spanning adventures of an early 20th Century privateer, all with a very progressive political view. Think “Terry and the Pirates” with a global concern.

Pratt—who died in 1995—was renowned for his attention to historical detail, and ability to address complex geo-political issues in the context of a swashbuckling adventure. His work was the subject of a major art show at the Pinacotheque in Paris, which saw 215,000 visitors during its run last year. In 2005, he was inducted into the Eisner Awards Hall of Fame.Rizzoli’s edition marks the first direct-from-Italian translation in English in the book’s history. The translator for this version is Hall Powell, a filmmaker and screenwriter for television shows like Law and Order.

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