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Call for Papers: Foodways: Diasporic Diners, Transnational Tables and Culinary Connections @ Toronto

(Mar 19, 2012)

This conference seeks to address questions surrounding the dynamics of the food ‘we’ eat, the ways in which ‘we’ eat, the meaning ‘we’ give to eating, and the effect of eating in a transnational world. Recognizing that culinary culture is central to diasporic identifications, the focus is on the place of food in the enduring habits, rituals, and everyday practices that are collectively used to produce and sustain a shared senses of cultural identity.
        This focus on food, cooking, and eating in diaspora and its role in connecting and changing peoples, places, tastes, and sensibilities around the world yields insight not only to substances that people consider essential to the maintenance of identity, but to the production of new cultural political formations in a transnational world and to the role of cultural (re)production in the expansion of consumption under contemporary capitalism. 
     A great deal of academic work explores this interplay of food, practice, identity and subject formation, much of it bound together by a commitment that through a fuller understanding of those relations, we better understand ourselves, our pasts, and the complexities of the spaces and lives we inhabit and enact in a transnational world. 

Possible topics include:
• The Transnational Kitchen
• The Syncretic Pot: Cooking in Transnational Spaces
• The Diasporic Garden
• Am I What I Eat? Transnational Flows, Food and Constructs of Authenticity
• Food Memories
• Enclave Eating and Cosmo-Multiculturalism


"Foodways: Diasporic Diners, Transnational Tables and Culinary Connections", an interdisciplinary conference at the University of Toronto, Oct. 4-7, 2012
Call for Papers deadline extended until April 16, 2012

Contact and More Information:
Please address organizational questions to Rebecca O’Neill - rebecca.oneill@utoronto.ca with the subject line “Food Conference”