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Conference @ Center for Jewish History, NY: Beyond Boundaries: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studying American Jews

(Mar 19, 2012)

Sponsored by the American Jewish Historical Society, the 2012 AJHS Scholars' Conference (June 11-13, 2012) will explore disciplinary and other kinds of boundaries that currently confront the field of American Jewish history. It will examine the opportunities and challenges that arise from the engagement of history and the humanities (including literary studies, media studies, theater, dance and art history, cultural studies, and musicology) as well as the social sciences (anthropology, economics, folklore, linguistics, political science, psychology, sociology). The conference will also explore the impact that the work of American Jewish historians has had on other disciplines.
           Looking beyond disciplinary boundaries raises various questions: How has the interdisciplinary study of American Jewry developed? How does the study of American Jewish history take shape in relation to area studies or comparative programs, such as American Studies, Ethnic Studies, Comparative Religions, or Jewish Studies? What kinds of cross-disciplinary engagements would best enhance the field of American Jewish history?

The full conference schedule and complete registration information are now available online through the AJHS
website. For all information about the conference, please go to: