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Call for Papers: Otherness, Migration, and Local Spaces

(Mar 20, 2012)

The Revista de Ciencias Sociales de la Universidad Arturo Prat (www.revistacienciasociales.cl )
invites  contributions to  the journal's special issue entitled: "Otherness at large: conflicts, mediations and frictions of the migratory experience in local spaces", that will be published in the first semester of 2013. The purpose of this special number is to debate the otherness relation lived by the international migrants in the local contexts of different cities, questioning how these experiences contrast diverse culturalscapes, resulting in conflicts that stress and reorganize local scenarios (schools, hospitals, streets, squares, political arena).

We would like to invite you to send you paper to the e-mails addresses indicated below. The deadline for the papers is June 1st 2012. Contributions from all the social sciences fields are welcomed. The texts are accepted in Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Bernardo Guerrero 

Menara Lube Guizardi.