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Call for Papers: ‘Placing’ Europe in the Museum: People(s), Places, Identities

(Apr 04, 2012)

Organized by the International Centre for Cultural & Heritage Studies at Newcastle University, this conference  (Sept 3-4, 2012) is part of the European Museums in an Age of Migrations (MeLA) project. The conference will explore how the imperatives surrounding the museum representation of place have shifted from the late eighteenth century to today. In particular, how issues of migration, have particular significance for contemporary understandings of the role of place in individual, collective and state notions of society. How do European museums present societies as bound to, or enabled by, place and places? Or as having roots in places and/or taking routes from, to and through places? What happens when the museum desire for fixity is disrupted by new sensibilities towards population flows, multiple heritages and the shifting territories of geopolitical places? Submissions are invited in the following areas:

  • Theoretical approaches to the study of museums and place
  • Representation of migration and mobility in European Museums
  • European and EU political contexts for place-people-culture relations
  • Place identities in museums: European, national, local and hybridised
  • Relationships between place and ethnicity in European museum representations

Deadline extended to April 30, 2012

For complete details on submissions and tehe conference:
Contact: Victoria Patton(victoria.patton@ncl.ac.uk)