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The Migrant Metropolis Conference, March 2014, University of Maryland

(Dec 10, 2013)

The Center for the History of the New America invites IASA members to attend its upcoming conference, The Migrant Metropolis, which will be held on March 13 and 14, 2014 at the University of Maryland, College Park. Participants in this conference will examine how urban spaces in the modern United States have been built and re-built by the movement of people. The conference will focus on the impact of migration and immigration on the networks of cities, suburbs, and hinterlands long central to organizing American life.
   Presentations and discussions will revisit traditional questions about assimilation, the role of racial or ethnic identity, and the formal (legal) politics of belonging by introducing a range of new vantage points, including: regional, borderland, and transnational community-building; the spatial politics of metropolitan inclusion and exclusion; the political economy of policing and incarceration; and global circuits of intellectual and cultural production. Scholars will examine how metropolitan spaces have historically served as catalysts for changing ideas about citizenship, for acceptable uses of state power, and for ongoing processes of racial formation. The Migrant Metropolis will foster conversations about the ways that urbanized sites are not simply places but also processes, integral to shaping political, economic, and cultural life in the modern United States. A brief outline of the conference program is below; more details can be found at the conference website.

Friday, March 13
Opening Comments: The Post-Hart Cellar Metropolis
Keynote Address by Saket Soni, Director of the National Guestworker Alliance/New Orleans Workers' Center for Racial Justice

Saturday, March 14
Session 1: Building the metropolis/Making Place
Session 1A: Making Homes
Session 1B: Region to What Degree?
Speakers include Charlotte Brooks, Alicia Schmidt Camacho, David Chang, Laura Fugikawa, Volker Janssen, George J. Sanchez, Perla Guerrero, Willow Lung-Amam, Eric Porter, and Theresa Runstedtler.

Session 2: Making Race
Session 2A: Race and Place
Session 2B: Immigration and The Black Atlantic
Speakers include Wendy Cheng, David Freund, Nathan Connolly, Samuel Roberts, Andrew Wiese, Leslie M. Alexander, Jesse Hoffnung-Garskof, Cindy Hahamovitch, Ana Yolanda Ramos Zayas, and Ira Berlin.

Session 3: Controlling the Metropolis
Session 3A: The Right to the City
Session 3B: The Carceral Metropolis
Speakers include Juan De Lara, Christian Zlolniski, Lorrin Thomas, Monisha Das Gupta, Christina Hanhardt, Jenna Loyd, Adrian Felix, Ana Rosas, Donna Murch, and Heather Thompson.

Session 4: Metropolitan/Migrant History as Intellectual History
Speakers include Davarian Baldwin, Laura Liu, Khalil Gibran Muhammad, and Philip Ethington.
 For more information: http://newamerica.umd.edu and newamerica@umd.edu