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Save the Date! Una Storia Segreta 20th Anniversary, March 23.

(Mar 03, 2014)

Una Storia Segreta: The 20th Anniversary, to be cleebrated at the Museo Italo Americano Fort Mason, San Francisco, CA, on Sunday, March 23, 2014 4 PM to 6 PM.Twenty years ago, on February 24, 1994, the exhibit Una Storia Segreta: When Italian Americans Were ‘Enemy Aliens’ opened at the Museo Italo Americano in San Francisco for a brief month-long run. Then the unexpected happened. Crowds flocked to see it, newspapers gave it front-page coverage, and requests to show it in cities across the nation streamed in. Since then, the exhibit has been displayed at over 50 sites nationwide and has resulted in national legislation—the Wartime Violation of Italian American Civil Liberties Act—which was signed into Public Law #106-451 on November 7, 2000 by President Bill Clinton.
To celebrate its years of travel, its impact on history, and the awards it has received, the IASA/WRC and the Museo Italo Americano are co-sponsoring this anniversary event. Speakers will include Lawrence DiStasi, Adele Negro, Maria Gloria, Costanza Ilacqua Foran, John Buffo, and Richard Vannucci. Wine and light refreshment will help add to the festivities. Please join us. And please RSVP to the Museo at (415) 673-2200.