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MAFIAs: Program for Calandra's April Conference Now Available.

(Mar 21, 2014)

To be held in New York on Friday April 25 and Saturday April 26, the conference theme of “MAFIAs”—the first on the subject by this academic research institute—intends to cover a broad variety of manifestations of organized crime throughout the world and over time. This scholarly event seeks a comparative approach to the subject, from historical perspectives to contemporary realities. Contrasts in historical genesis, organizational templates, cultural expressions, and sociological influences will be examined. The conference is attentive to the defining features, boundaries, and ways to conceptualize organized crime, looking at it epistemologically and ontologically.

The conference is free and open to the public. For complete details, including the origram, visit http://qcpages.qc.edu/calandra/sites/calandra.i-italy.org/files/files/2014Cnf-Flyr(1).pdf