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Major International Migration Project Meets with Calandra and IASA in Toronto

(Jul 15, 2014)

The worldwide Transnationalizing Modern Languages Project investigates cultural exchange within communities and individuals across time and space. Running through 2016 on fiver contients, its array of conferences, panels, research, and exhbitis explore a series of critical instances of linguistic and cultural translation with a specific focus on modern Italy and the experiences of mobility that are embedded in its recent history. The Italian case serves as a template from which to develop a renewed model for the work of Modern Language studies and its applications in the 21st century. More broadly, the research offers insights into how people respond to living in a bilingual or multilingual environment.


The particular mobility of Italian culture and its interactions with other cultures around the globe is examined in this three-year project (2014-17) by academics in Italian Studies and cognate disciplines from the Universities of Bristol, St Andrews, Warwick and Queen Mary. Researchers will investigate specific moments in the histories of the Italian communities established in the UK, the US, Australia, South America, Africa and of the migrant communities of contemporary Italy. Focusing on the cultural associations that each community has formed and engaging closely with their current representatives, the project team will gather and analyse a wealth of publications and materials: journals, literature, life stories, photographs, collections of memorabilia and other forms of representation. They will trace the ways in which these materials tell the stories of different types of linguistic and cultural translation and, in so doing, challenge and reformulate notions of national identity.

As part of IASA's 2014 Conference, October 17-19 in Toronto, the Project will present Jennifer Burns, Loredana Polezzi, Barbara Spadaro taking part in ‘Transnationalising Italian (American) Studies: From Theory to Pedagogy’ Round Table with Donna Gabaccia (University of Toronto) and Fred Gardaphé, Anthony Tamburri (J. D. Calandra Italian American Institute, CUNY). Calandra is a partner in the Project.

For complete details, go to http://www.transnationalmodernlanguages.ac.uk/