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Call for Papers: 2015 ASA Food Culture Studies Caucus

(Jan 08, 2015)

The American Studies Association Food Culture Studies Caucus is actively seeking submissions for panel proposals to sponsor for the upcoming 2015 American Studies Association Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada.The  Caucus serves as a network for scholars working on projects that engage the production, consumption, and representation of food across the many disciplines that cohere in American studies. This caucus views the study of food and eating culture as offering the possibility of a radically cross-disciplinary and transnational re-engagement of key topics in studies of the Americas.

While intersecting with other Food Studies communities, this caucus differs in that it offers a space for those that see food and eating culture as central to the themes that are at the forefront of American studies, including race, class, gender and identity, immigration, community and diaspora, social and labor history, empire, globalization and state formation. While members of this caucus work in the diverse fields of literature, geography, history, cultural studies, urban studies, ethnic studies, postcolonial studies, identity studies, gender studies, visual culture, affect theory, bodily theory, and agriculture studies, among numerous others, this caucus actively encourages collaboration across subfields and historical periods in order to develop new directions for teaching and researching food in all of its contexts.

For the 2015 Annual Meeting, we are seeking to sponsor two panel proposals that explore the culture of food and eating in its many contexts related to the conference theme, “The (Re)Production of Misery and the Ways of Resistance,” including but certainly not limited to:

Food, Hunger and Misery
Food, the Archive, and “Adjacent Sites of Knowledge Creation”
Empire, Immigration, Diaspora and the Globalization of Food Cultures
Food and Identity – Sexuality, Gender, Race, Ability, Class, etc.
Eating, Digestion, and Food through Affective, Sensory and Bodily Theories
Food and the Study of Race
Food and Space
Food, Power, and Resistance
Food/Eating and the Historical Reproduction of Misery
Food, Representations, and Visual Culture
Food and Material Culture Studies
Reading Food, Food in Literature and Literary Theory
Food and Performance
Food and social justice, urban agriculture, alternative food movements, and other forms of activism

Fitting with the conference theme, we especially encourage proposals that explore the category of misery as it challenges the distinctions and interpenetrations between subjective, individual experiences and social divisions. According to the ASA call for proposals, approaches that fit the theme especially well include work on trauma theory, precarity, critical ethnic studies, states of exception, queer studies (including those of failure and especially those rooted in queer-of-color critique), political economy and especially crisis theory, feminist research on the personal and the political, disability studies, war and empire in and out of the age of the drone, the miseries of higher education, investigations of spirituality, religion, misery, solace and solidarity, as well as carceral studies.

Panel proposals must include 3-4 presenters/participants with abstracts (500 word maximum) accompanying each as well as an abstract for the panel as a whole (400 word maximum) and a moderator/commentator. As a reminder, all proposal submitters, including chairs and commentators, must be current individual members of the ASA (or an affiliated international American studies association) at the time of submission.

If you need help organizing a panel or finding one to join, use the ASA Food Culture Studies Caucus Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/FoodCaucus) or the Food Culture Studies Community Blog on the ASA website (http://www.theasa.net/caucus_food_studies/)

The Food Culture Studies Caucus will formally sponsor two panels for the Annual Meeting. We hope that panels not selected for sponsorship will still submit their proposals as general ASA session submissions.

Panel Abstracts are due by January 9, 2015 for sponsorship consideration.

Please submit all abstracts to FoodCaucus@gmail.com