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CFP: 2016 AHA panel on migrations and radicalism

(Jan 22, 2015)

Aaron Bae (Arizona State University)  is currently organizing a 2016 American Historical Association paper panel that reconsiders the relationship between migrations and radicalism in twentieth-century U.S. history. The bulk of the scholarship that examines this relationship frames it as one in which radical (socialist, anarchist, etc.) migrants traveled to and settled in new locales and radicalized the communities around them, to the chagrin of the local dominant class. In contrast, this panel will examine how migrant waves, host societies' responses to these migrant communities, and migrant experiences within this dialectic led to the emergence of different forms of radical politics later in the twentieth century.

Bae's  paper will focus on WW2/post-WW2 migrations to the San Francisco Bay Area and Sixties/Seventies radicals like the Black Panther Party, Richard Aoki, and Los Siete de La Raza. Prospective papers from any geographical area (including diasporic perspectives), time period within the twentieth century, and migrant group(s) are welcome.

Those interested in joining this panel or who have further questions, can email  aaron.b.bae@gmail.com. He is hoping to finalize panelists by February 1st, in order to have some time to secure a chair and commentator and put the panel abstract together.