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“Seeing Brooklyn Change”: A Call for Student Researchers, Photographers, and Videographers

(Mar 23, 2015)

IASA menber Jerome Krase reports on “Seeing Brooklyn Change”: A Call for Student Researchers, Photographers, and Videographers: More than 30 years ago, Brooklyn College students, under my direction, created an exhibit that photographically documented life in the borough’s Italian American neighborhoods. It was the centerpiece of a conference and also toured Italy. At the Center for Italian American Studies I am directing a new project to return to these neighborhoods, which have changed greatly. Motivated students are needed to record the visual impacts of new ethnic and immigrant groups that have come to share, and in some cases dominate, once “Italian American” neighborhoods such as Bensonhurst and Canarsie. The impact of gentrification and displacement such as in Carroll Gardens and Williamsburg will also be explored. I am reaching out to student organizations because a multi-ethnic team would be ideal to access the wonderfully diverse collection of peoples of Brooklyn. The research itself will take place in either special course offerings, tutorials, or independent studies in subsequent semesters. Direct outcomes, beyond learning and research experience, will be exhibitions, publications and possibly a conference sponsored by the Ethyle R. Wolfe Institute for the Humanities and the Center.
The most important aim for this project is promoting appreciation and understanding of multiculturalism, diversity and inclusion. I would be happy to meet with students and discuss how they might contribute to the success of the project, and, give a presentation during common hours. I can be reached at: jkrase@brooklyn.cuny.edu