The Family and Community Life of Italian Americans

Richard N. Juliani, ed. 1983


13. 1980. The Family and Community Life of Italian Americans. Richard N. Juliani, ed. 1983. 191 pp. Chicago, Illinois. October 24-25, 1980.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments … p. VII
Introduction by Richard N. Juliani … p. IX

II Caso della Casa: Stories of Houses in Italian America … p. 1
by Robert Viscusi

Family and Community: Voluntary Association
in South Italy and Detroit … p. 11
by Leonard Moss

The Italian Community of Helper, Utah:
Its Historic and Folkloric Past and Present … p. 23
by Philip F. Notarianni and Richard Raspa

Chicago's Italian Americans Rally for Immigration Reform … p. 35
by Frank J. Cavaioli

The Periodical Press and Italian Communities … p. 47
by Joseph Velikonja

The Social Role Indentity of Italian-American Women:
An Analysis and Comparison of Families
and Religious Expectations … p. 61
by Veneeta-marie D'Andrea

Tuscan-American Families … p. 69
by Peter J. Venturelli

Marconiville U.S.A.: The Rise of
an Italian-American Suburban Community … p. 81
by Salvatore LaGumina

"The Italian-American Community:
An Essay on Multiple Social Realities" … p. 95
by Jerome Krase

The Ethnic Ideological Themes of Italian-Americans … p. 109
by Francis X. Femminella

train south … p. 121
by Justin Vitiello

A Documentation of Criticisms Concerning Amoral Familism … p. 129
by Louis J. Gesualdi

The Italians of Greenwich Village:
The Restructuring of Ethnic Community … p. 133
by Donald Tricarico

Paesani or Italiani? Local and National Loyalties
in an Italian Immigrant Community … p.147
by John E. Zucchi

National Italian American Organizations … p. 161
by Peter Sammartino

Organizing The Ethnic Community … p. 165
by Anthony Sorrentino

Italian-American Women: Their Families And American Education,
Systems In Conflict … p. 169
by Joseph V. Scelsa

Intimacy And Sexuality In The Italian Family In The United States … p. 173
by Paul J. Albanese

Identity and Contradictions: La Via Vecchia ed i Giovanotti … p. 177
by Carl del Russo and Joseph L. Tropea

"Assimilation and Ethnic Consolidation of Italians
in Cortland, New York 1892-1930" … p. 183
by Diane Vecchio Wilson