Greece and Italy: Ancient Roots and New Beginnings

Mario Aste, Sheryl Lynn Postman, Michael Pierson eds. 2004.


Volume 33. 2000. Greece and Italy: Ancient Roots and New Beginnings. Mario Aste, Sheryl Lynn Postman, Michael Pierson eds. 2004. 269 pp. University of Massachusetts at Lowell. November 9-11, 2000.

Table of Contents

Introduction … p. ix


Magna Graecia: The Greek Presence in Southern Italy.
by Robert Marchisott … p. 1

“Little Italy” vs “Little Greece”: The Selection of Richard Nixon’s 1968 Running Mate.
by Stefano Luconi … p. 13


New York City Italian American Mayors, LaGuarda, Impellitteri and Giuliani: Comparisons, Contrasts and Curiosities.
by Salvatore J. LaGumina … p. 24

Governor Charles Poletti.
by Frank Cavaioli … p. 45


Henry Molises Cultural Growth in John Fante’s The Brotherhood of the Grape.
by Franco Mulas … p. 56

Little Paul’s Psychological Development in Pietro Di Donato’s Christ in Concrete.
by Maria Paola Malva … p. 63


Triumphs and Tragedies of Ethnicity in America: Italians in the Granite Industry in Barre Vermont, 1890-1915.
by Arthur Pippo and Gillian Quinn … p. 72

Roman Naval Operations During the Second Macedonian War.
by Valentino J. Belfiglio … p. 86


Italian American Voting Preferences.
by William Egelman, William Gratzer, Brian Nickerson, and Michael D’Angelo … p. 94

Bodies of Nostalgia Shipwrecked in Mediterranean Waters: A “Journey” from Morocco to Naples, “with Bags of Send and Trunks Full of Fables” told by Tahar Ben Jelloun and Peppe Lanzetta.
by Roberta Morosini … p. 103


The Italian Contribution to Argentine Popular Culture and Theater.
by Maria Teresa Sanhueza … p. 128

Giorgio Vasari’s The Ages of Life.
by Liana De Girolami Cheney … p. 152


Ancient History? Sicilians in Gianni Amelio’s Lamerica.
by Marisa Labozzetta … p. 174

Italy and Greece, War, Culture, Religion: Relationships and People in Mediterraneo and Malena.
by Mario Aste … p. 180


A Higher Level of Notation.
by Paul Marion … p. 198

The Cultural Function and Trickster Figures of Aristophanic Comedy in Fred Gardaphe’s Moustache Pete is Dead/ Evviva Baffo Pietro.
by Paul Giaimo … p. 200


Aristotelian Tragedy in Blue Italian and Night Bloom.
by Mary Ann Mannino … p. 207

Where It All Began: Tracing the Origins of Cinema to the Mediterranean and the Baroque.
by Joseph Garreau … p. 216


Pirandello e il cinema.
by Maria C. Pastore Passaro … p. 225

The Italian American Press and the ‘Woman Question,’ 1915-1930.
by Benedict Deschamps … p. 234


Virgillia, or the Contribution of Italian Americans to the United States through Intermarriage.
by Marie-Christine Michaud … p. 245

Poetry/ Poesie.
by Marie Elisa Ciavarelli … p. 255


The Graeco-Roman Influence in Sicily.
by RoseAnna Mueller … p. 265