The Impact of World War II on Italian Americans 1935-present

Gary R. Mormino, ed. 2007.


Volume 35. 2002. The Impact of World War II on Italian Americans 1935-present. Gary R. Mormino, ed. 2007. 244 pp. Loyola University Chicago, Chicago, Illinois. October 24-26,2002.



Table of Contents

I. Introduction … p. 7


II. Overview: Keynote Address
"It's Not Personal, It's Professional": Italian Americans and World War II
by Gary R. Mormino ... p. 11

III. Eve of War
Subtle Americanization of Desires: Tuscan Migration to the United States from the Late 19th Century Through the Post-World War II Era
by Pietro Lorenzini ... p. 23


Print Media Images of Primo Carnera at the Time of the Joe Louis Fight on the Eve of the Italian-Ethiopian War
by Richard Renoff ... p. 42

IV. The Home Front
"Come on Sister! Back our Boys!"--The Patriotism of Connecticut's Italian-American Women During WWII
by Annette Pontillo ... p. 55


The Useless Fifth Column of Mussolini in America
by Matteo Pretelli ... p. 65

Montclair Memories: Italian Americans and World War II
by Marisa S. Trubiano ... p. 82


From "Guinea" to War Veteran: Francesco Gramenzi and Italian-American Identity
by Gregg Primo Ventello ... p. 91

The Internment of Enemy Aliens, East and West
by Lawrence DiDtasi ... p. 98


V. War
An Italian American World War II Memoir: The War Letters of Cornelius Granai, American Military Government, Italian Campaign
by Edwin Granai ... p. 119

Wind Beneath the Wings: A Forgotten Hero--Capt. Don Gentile
by Mary Louise Casanta ... p. 125


A Tale of Two Wars: The Civilian Population and the Military Campaign new Pulcherini, Italy, during World War II
by Angela D. Danzi ... p. 132

Italian Prisoners of War and The New York Times
by Marie-Christine Michaud ... p. 144


VI. World War II and the Italian -American Legacy
The Sword and the Pen: Italian -American World War II Veterans Become Authors
by Peter L. Belmonte ... p. 161

Italian Americans and US Foreign Policy: Theoretical Perspectives
by Ernest E. Rossi ... p. 168


The United States and Italy: A Strategic Relationship
by Frank M. Sorrentino ... p. 189

Italian Americans' Lobbying Efforts on Behalf of Their Ancestral Country After World War II and Anti-Communism in Italy's Parliamentary Elections
by Stefano Luconi ... p. 200


Moving Toward a Larger Identity: Visions of Africa, Femininity, and Spirituality in Three Women Writers
by Elisabetta Marino ... p. 218

Italian Americans Portraying and Portrayed in Recent Cinema
by Mario Aste ... p. 223


VIII. Notes on Contributors… p. 235

IX. Index… p. 239