Industry, Technology, Labor and the Italian American Communities

Mario Aste, Jerome Krase, Louise Napolitano-Carman, and Janet E. Worrall, eds . 1997.


Volume 28. 1995. Industry, Technology, Labor and the Italian American Communities. Mario Aste, Jerome Krase, Louise Napolitano-Carman, and Janet E. Worrall, eds . 1997. 291 pp. University of Massachusetts at Lowell. November 9-11, 1995.

Table of Contents

MARIO ASTE. Introduction … p. i


JEROME KRASE. President’s Message … p. iii

JANET E. WORRALL. Introduction … p. 1


LOUIS C. ANTHES. The Search for the Order: The 0rder of the Sons of Italy in America and the Politics of Ethnicity … p. 5

GERALD MEYER. The American Labor Party and New York City’s Italian American Communities: 1936-1950 … p. 33


STEFANO LUCONI. Family Values, Labor Militancy, and Voting Behavior in a Working-Class Italian American Community … p. 50

EUGENE MILLER. Italian Radical Union Organizing in Chicago. The Contributions of Giovanni Pippan, 1924-1933 … p. 62


MICHAEL DEL BALSO. Italians in the Quebec Labor Market … p. 83

JEROME KRASE. The Spatial Semeiotics of Little Italies and Italian Americans … p. 98


WILLIAM EGELMAN & JOSEPH SALVO. Italian American Labor Force Participation in New York City, 1990: An Emerging Diversity … p. 128

PETER L. BELMONTE. Italians in Merced, California, 1900-1930 … p. 147


RICHARD GAMBINO. Are Italian Americans in “The Twilight” of Ethnicity or a New Dawn? … p. 161

JOHN R. MITRANO & JAMES G. MITRANO. Reading Between the (By)Lines: A Content Analysis of Contemporary Italian American Newspapers … p. 175


JEANNE SCHINTO. Bread and Roses, Bread and Wine … p. 185

GIOVANNA P. DEL NEGRO. ((Our Little Paris)): An Ethnography of the Passeggiata in Central Italy … p. 198


LOUISE NAPOLITANO-CARMAN. Introduction … p. 213

MARIO ASTE. Sacco and Vanzetti: Italian Filmic Images … p. 215


BLOSSOM S. KIRSCHENBAUM. Entrepreneurs: The Italian Fiction and Essays of William Murray … p. 226

FRED L. GARDAPHE. Continuity in Concrete: (Re:)Constructing Italian/American Writers … p. 245


ANTHONY D. CAVALUZZI. We Are What We Are. . . . But What Are We? … p. 255

FRANCO MULAS. Fante’s Arturo Bandini: A Dago Writer … p. 263


ANTHONY JULIAN TAMBURRI. Tony Ardizzone’s Expressive Writing: His “Mother’s Stories” … p. 274

Names and Subjects Index … p. 287


About the Artist … p. 291