The Interaction of Italians and Irish in the United States

Francis X. Femminella, ed. 1985


16. 1983. The Interaction of Italians and Irish in the United States. Francis X. Femminella, ed. 1985. 308 pp. Albany, New York. November 11-13, 1983.

Table of Contents

Frontispiece p. ii
Dedication … p. v
Acknowledgements … p. vi
Introduction by Francis X. Femminella … p. 1
In Memoriam Giovanni Schiavo by Remigio U. Pane … p. 5
In Memoriam Geno C. Baroni by Frank J. Cavaioli … p. 13
An Address By Rt. Rev. Monsignor by Geno C. Baroni … p. 19

The Interaction of Irish and Italians: From Conflict to Interaction … p.27
by Richard N. Juliani

The Italian American Chariot of Fire … p. 35
by Frank J. Cavaioli

Baseball and Socio-Economic Mobility: An Irish-Italian Comparison … p.43
by Richard Renoff and Joseph Varacalli

Influence of the Irish Communal Adaption In Greenwich Village … p. 53
by Donald Tricarico

Prohibition and Ethnicity in Oswego, NY 1920-33 … p. 63
by R. Bruce McBride

A Critical Look At Italian-Americans in New York State … p. 71
by Luciano J. Iorizzo

Italian Immigration In A Well Established Irish Community:
Lowell, Massachusetts … p. 79
by Mario Aste

Italian and Irish Contributions to
the Texas War For Independence … p. 91
by Valentine J. Belfiglio

Ethnic and Religious Marriage Patterns
Middletown, Connecticut’s Italian and Irish 1900-1979 … p. 101
by Barbara A. Carrington Coyle

Some Religious Aspects Involving the Interaction
of the Italians and the Irish… p.115
by Fr. Leonard Bacigulipo, O.F.M.

Ethnic Attitudes Towards Developmentally Disabled:
The Italians and the Irish… p. 131
by Roger Michael Longo

Ethnic Identification In Third Generation Italian-Americans … p. 141
by Carmela Sansone-Pacelli

The Training of Italian-American Parents … p. 151
by Maria Lombardo

Italian and Irish Americans in Education
A Sociohistorical Analysis … p. 163
by William S. Egelman

The Case of Mari Tomasi … p. 177
by Helen Barolini

The Missed Step: Italian Americans and Brooklyn Politics… p. 187
by Jerome Krase

Ethnic Politics in Jersey City: The Changing Nature
of Irish-Italian Relations 1917-1981 … p. 199
by Joseph A. Varacalli

Irish Politics, The Madison Club of Brooklyn and John H. McCooey … p. 225
by Charles LaCerra

Governor Alfred Emanuel Smith, Multi-Ethnic Politician
The Italian Connection … p.241
by Joseph Marc DiLeo

Al Smith, Tammany Hall, And The Transformation
of Democratic Politics in New York, 1903-1918… p. 259
by Robert Wesser