Italian American Politics: Local, Global/Cultural, Personal

Philip V. Cannistraro, Jerome Krase, and Joseph V. Scelsa, eds. 2005


Volume 31. 1998. Italian American Politics: Local, Global/Cultural, Personal. Philip V. Cannistraro, Jerome Krase, and Joseph V. Scelsa, eds. 2005. 260 pp. Hunter College CUNY. New York City. November 12-14, 1998.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements … p. v


Presidential Address … p. vii

Keynote Address
The Resources of Ethnicity and the Gifts of Politics: Notes on Italian Americans in the Political History of a Continent
by Emilio Franzina … p. xv


The Historical Context
The Politics of Medicine: The Italian Medical Society, Brooklyn, NY, 1916-1931
by Angela D. Danzi … p.3

Odio di Razza? (Race Hatred?): The Beginnings of Racial Discourse in the Italian American Anarchist Community
by Salvatore Salerno … p. 13


Testing the "Smith Revolution" Among Italian American Voters in Pennsylvania
by Stephano Luconi … p. 29

Saving the Souls of Immigrants in the South: Southern Baptists and Missionary Work Among Italians
by Diane C. Vecchio … p. 39


Generoso Pope and the Anti-Communist Crusade
by Salvatore J. LaGumina … p. 51

Italian American Governors
by Frank J. Cavaioli … p. 63


The Cultural Context
Laura Colella's Tax Day: Celebrating Citizenship
by Blossom Kirschenbaum … p. 93

Power of Politics and Politics of Power from The Palermo Connection to City Hall
by Mario Aste … p. 107


Politics in Choreography: The Political Statements of Italian American Modern Dancers
by Lisa Jo Sagolla … p. 121

Umbertina: Envisioning A Feminist Grandmother
by Mary Ann Mannino … p. 131


Journey to the Heart Waters
by Louisa Calio … p. 141

The Personal Context
The Personal is Political
by Helen Barolini … p. 155


Sunday Rounds
by Mary Saracino … p. 163

Tales Never Told: A Sicilian Memoir
by Frank Vazzano … p. 175


The Social Context
From the Image of Language to Language Politics: Italian in Australia
by Antonia Rubino … p. 185

Canadian Multiculturalism: Its Impact on the Italian Language in Ontario
by Jana Vizmuller-Zocco … p. 209


Identity Politics: Italian Americans' Labeling of the Self vs. Others' Labeling of Italian Americans
by John R. Mitrano … p. 225

Who We Are: An Exploratory Survey of AIHA Members
by Joseph M. Conforti … p. 245


Making Democracy Work: Criticisms and Response
by Louis Gesualdi … p. 257