Italian Americans and the Arts & Culture

Mary Jo Bona, Dawn Esposito, Anthony Julian Tamburri, eds. 2007


Volume 36. 2003. Italian Americans and the Arts & Culture. Mary Jo Bona, Dawn Esposito, Anthony Julian Tamburri, eds. 2007. 390 pp. Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida. November 6-8, 2003.

Table of Contents

Preface … p. ix


Emelise Aleandri, "Little Italy, New York City" … p. 1

Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, "Tall Dark and Handsone: Ethnicity in Mass Market Romance" … p. 22


Louisa Calio, "Premonitions of Iraq: War, Women and Healing A Look at Somalia in Lina Unali's Somali Queen, Somali King and Eritra in Louisa Calio's Journey to the Heart Waters" … p. 44

Frank J. Cavaioli, "The First Conference of the American Italian Historical Association" … p. 60


Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, "African Origins and Semitic Heritage of Italina and Other European/Americans. Legacy of Hope for a Just and Peaceful World" … p. 72

Michael R. Frontani, "'From the Bottom to the Top' Frank Sinatra, The American Myth of Success, and Italian American Identity" … p. 94


Salvatore J. LaGumina, "Italian American Organizations in the Tri-State Area: Actuality and Transmission of Culture" … p. 111

Stefano Luconi, "Writing Italian-American History in the Era of Affirmative Action" … p. 127


Maria Paola Malva, "Bringing Back Memories: An Epistolary Analysis" … p. 146

Rob Marchesani, "Pride and Shame in the North/South Divide" … p. 166


Elisabetta Marino, "'Telling Stories of Lands and Souls' A Quest for Communication and Peace in Italian American and Italian Poets" … p. 178

Chiara Mazzucchelli, "Sicilians Take Over Rochester: Jerre Mangione's Mount Allegro & Andrew James Ciulla's Papa Was a Riot" … p. 189


Maria-Christine Michaud, "A Bronx Tale: A Fairy Tale?" … p. 204

Ernesto R. Milani, "The Publication of the Translation of Rosa, The Life of an Italian Immigrant" … p. 222


Franco Mulas, "Inter-Generational Conflict in Mario Puzo's The Fortunate Pilgrim"… p. 201

Dominique Padurano, "From Angelo to Atlas: How a 97-Pound Immigrant Weakling Became All-American Working-Class Hero" … p. 247


Joyce Carol Polistena, "A Modern Technological Fetish? The Work of Joseph Stella and Frank Stella" … p. 258

JoAnne Ruvoli, "From Spritzhead Girlfriends to Plastic Grapes: Italian American Sequential Artists" … p. 279


John J. LaCorte and Frank M. Sorrentino, "Italian Americans Alternating Images as 'Artist and Mafioso'" … p. 294

Stefania Taviano, "Re-creating Cultural Identity on Stage" … p. 316


Lina Unali, "Experiences and Visions of Africa and Asia in Italian Poets and Writers of the Twentieth Century: Ungaretti, Pea, Marinetti, Pasolini, Malaparte, Calvino"… p. 328

Maria Elisa Ciavarelli, "Poetry Translations"… p. 346


Margaret R. Saraco, "Poems"… p. 363

Index … p. 371


Contributors … p. 385