Italian Americans and Their Public and Private Life

Frank J. Cavaioli, Angela Danzi, and Salvatore J. LaGumina, eds. 1993


Volume 24. 1991. Italian Americans and Their Public and Private Life. Frank J. Cavaioli, Angela Danzi, and Salvatore J. LaGumina, eds. 1993. 240 pp. New Haven, Connecticut. November 14-16, 1991.

Table of Contents

President’s Message …
Introduction … p. ix
Resume of Papers … p. xi


Chapter 1. Peter Sammartino
by Frank J. Cavaioli … p.3

Chapter 2. Ella Grasso
by Jon E. Purmont … p. 9


Chapter 3. Poem: I Study Italian
by Mary Russo Demetrick … p.23

Chapter 4. Moonstruck: Cultures Observing and Observed
by Mario Aste … p.25


Chapter 5. Italian Migrant Workers in Turn-of-the-Century New Jersey
by Cindy Hahamovitch … p. 36

Chapter 6. Italian POW's and the Italian-American Community, 1943-1945: An Overview
by Louis Keefer … p. 48


Chapter 7. The Italians in Kenosha, Wisconsin
by Joseph Salituro … p. 54

Chapter 8. Samuel Charles Mazzuchelli, Gifted Pioneer of the Midwest
by Flora Breidenbach … p. 67


Chapter 9. Italian Protestants and the Catholic Church in Buffalo, New York
by Secondo Casarotto … p. 76

Chapter 10. A Case Study of the Italian Laymen and Parish Life at Our Lady of Pompei, Greenwich Village, New York City
by Mary Elizabeth Brown… p. 94


Chapter 11. An Ounce of Prevention: Community Health and Italian American Women
by Suzanne Krase … p.107

Chapter 12. Community Cooperation and Activism: Italians and African Americans in Williamsburgh, Brooklyn
by Judith N. DeSena … p. 116


Chapter 13. African American Student Reaction to Italian American Culture
by Jerome Krase … p. 125

Chapter 14. The Italian American Theater in Boston, 1935-1939
by Chris Newton … p. 137


Chapter 15. The Botto House National Historic Landmark
by Robert B. Immordino … p. 149

Chapter 16. Public Policy and the Mexican Italians at El Paso, Texas
by Valentino J. Belfigio … p. 157


Chapter 17. Mayor Vincent Impellitteri, Anti-Communist Crusader
by Salvatore J. LaGumina … p. 172

Chapter 18. Madonna and Mafioso: A View of Mythopoeia in Practice
by Anthony LaRuffa … p.180


Chapter 19. The Italian Woman in Fiction: A Journey from Private to Public
by Rose DeAngelis … p. 186

Chapter 20. Southern Italian-American Comedy: The Cases of Matteo Cannizzaro, Lou Monte, Louis Prima and Dom DeLuise
by Salvatore Primeggia, Floyd Vivino and Joseph Varacalli … p. 194


Chapter 21. Italian Americans and Professional Boxing in Connecticut, 1941-1951
by Richard Renoff … p. 212

APPENDIX A. Contributors … p. 228


APPENDIX B. PROCEEDINGS Publications of the American Italian Historical Association … p. 232

INDEX … p. 234