Italian Americans in the Professions

Remigio U. Pane, ed.

Italian Americans in the Professions. Remigio U. Pane, ed. 1983. 290 pp. Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey. October 26-27, 1978.


Table of Contents

Preface by George E. Pozzetta, President, AIHA … p. v
Introduction by Remigio U. Pane … p. vii

Research on the Italian Americans:
Accomplishments and Work to be Done … p. 1
by Giovanni Schiavo

The Making of an Italian American Poet … p. 9
by Joseph Tusiani

Professions and Faiths: Critical Choices
in the Italian American Novel … p. 41
by Robert Viscusi

Contemporary Italian American Drama:
A Study of Values & Metaphors
in Gemini, Benno Blimpie & Cacciatore … p. 55
by Carol Bonomo

The Political Profession: Big City Italian American Mayors … p. 77
by Salvatore J. LaGumina

Americans of Italian Descent in the Judiciary of Pennsylvania … p. 111
by Peter F. Pugliese

Italian American Franciscans in Central America … p. 127
by Leonard Bacigalupo

Juvenal Marchisio: Distinguished Italian American Citizen … p. 143
by Frank J. Cavaioli

The Barricellis: Cleveland’s Foremost Italian Professional Family … p. 153
by Alfonso F. d’Emilia

Italian Americans and Affirmative Action:
Admission to and Progress in the Academic Professions … p. 165
by Francesco Cordasco

Italian Americans and Medical Education: An Exploratory Study … p. 117
by Rosanne Martorella

Italian Americans in Physical Sciences and Engineering … p. 197
by Nancy Torrieri

Major Contributions to Microbiology
by Italians in Italy and in America … p. 209
by Otto J. Plescia

Italian American in New Jersey Pharmacy … p. 215
by John J. Colaizzi & Roy A. Bowers

Italian Americans in Academia: The University of Connecticut.
A Case Study … p. 223
by Emiliana P. Noether

Italian American Teachers: The Religious Teachers Filippini … p. 235
by Margherita Marchione

Education for Conformity:
The Case of Sicilian American Women Professionals … p. 243
by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum

The Ethnic Factor and Role Choices of Women:
Ella Grasso and Midge Costanza
Two Firsts for American Politics … p. 253
by Vaneeta D’Andrea

I Figurinai: Lucca Plaster Figurine Makers in USA … p. 265
by Regina Soria

The Value System of Southern Italian
and Italian American Professionals … p. 275
by Rocco Caporale

Ideas for Italian American Research … p. 285
by Peter Sammartino