Italian Americans: A Retrospective on the Twentieth Century

Paola Sensi-Isolani and Julian Tamburri, eds. 2001


Volume 32. 1999. Italian Americans: A Retrospective on the Twentieth Century. Paola Sensi-Isolani and Julian Tamburri, eds. 2001. 271 pp. Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California. November 11-13, 1999.




Table of Contents

Introduction … p. i


Italian Americans in the Social and Political Worlds
Michael Magliari, Producerism’s Last Gasp: G.B. DeBernardi and the Labor Exchange Movement, 1889-1901 … p. 1

Major Peter L. Belmonte, Italian Americans in World War One and World War Two: An Overview … p. 29


Stefano Luconi, World War II and Italian-American Voters … p. 51

Marie-Christine Michaud, The Italian-American Community in the 1950s: A Case of Political Assimilation … p. 72


Italian Ethnics in a Multicultural United States
James M. Wallace, We Are All Multiculturalists Now: From Melting Pot to Cosmopolitanism … p. 87

Janet E. Worrall, A Comparative Study of Hispanics and Italians in the Southwest … p. 110


Phylis Cancilla Martinelli, Italian Workers at Theodore Roosevelt Dam: An Intermediate Ethnic Group in a Diverse Work Force … p. 127

The Italian World of Work
Adele Maiello, Italian Entrepreneurs in the Central Valley of California … p. 149


Simone Cinotto, Italian American Food Importers and Ethnic Consumption in 1930s New York … p. 167

Adriano Boncompagni, From Lucca to the ‘Bush’: Lucchesi in Western Australia in the 1920s & 1930 … p. 179


Italian Americans and Social/Cultural Transformations
Dawn Esposito, The Women We Are: Images of Italian-American Women in the Cinema … p. 203

George Guida, Analyze This Goombah: Mafia Comedy as Italian American Cultural Expression … p. 225


Steven J. Belluscio, A Brief History of Italian/American Literary Criticism: Sixty Years of Breaking Silences … p. 245