Italian Americans in Rural and Small Town America

Rudolph J. Vecoli, ed. 1987


14. 1981. Italian Americans in Rural and Small Town America. Rudolph J. Vecoli, ed. 1987. 204 pp. Landmark Center, St. Paul, Minnesota. October 30-31, 1981

Table of Contents

Introduction by Rudolph J. Vecoli ... p. 1

Migration Networks and Settlement Patterns
Patterns of Italian Immigrant Settlement ... p. 9
by Ryan Rudnicki

Marchigiani and Veneti on Sunny Side Plantation ... p. 18
by Ernesto Milani

Italians in Small Town and Rural Texas ... p. 31
by Valentine J. Belfiglio

Itinerant Grimaldesi: Paesani on the Railways of North America ... p. 50
by John Potestio

Immigrant Friulani in North America ... p. 62
by John Zucchi

Small Town Little Italies
Italian Folk Culture Transplanted: Methods of Documentation ... p. 75
by Carla Bianco

Tradition and Transition in a California Paese ... p. 88
by Paola A. Sensi-Isolani

Italian Farmers in Cumberland ... p. 110
by John Andreozzi

Little Italy: A Casualty of Time in Duluth... p. 126
by Jacqueline Rocchio Moran

Two Little Italies at the Head of the Lakes ... p. 135
by Antonio Pucci

Mining Towns
Pioneer Paesani in Globe, Arizona ... p. 153
by Phylis Cancilla Martinelli

Italians on the Gogebic Iron Range ... p. 170
by Paul A. Sturgul

Italians on Minnesota’s Iron Range ... p. 179
by Rudolph J. Vecoli