Italian Americans: The Search for a Usable Past

Richard N. Juliani and Philip V. Cannistraro, eds. 1989.

19. 1986. Italian Americans: The Search for a Usable Past. Richard N. Juliani and Philip V. Cannistraro, eds. 1989. 304 pp. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. November 14-15, 1986.

Table of Contents

1. Preface, by Richard N. Juliani & Philip V. Cannistraro … p. i

2. Grazie Ancora, by Richard N. Juliani & Philip V. Cannistraro … p. vii

3. Welcoming Address, by Luca Del Balzo … p. 1

4. Immigrants in Philadelphia: The World of 1886,
by Richard N. Juliani … p. 4

5. Workers in City and Country: The South Italian Experience in Philadelphia, 1900-1950,
by Richard A. Varbero … p. 16

6. Italians, Jews, and Blacks: Ethnic Perspectives of Philadelphia,
by William L. Rosenberg … p. 33

7. Italian American Voting in Local Elections: The Philadelphia Case,
by Sandra Featherman … p. 43

8. Italians in a Mill Town: Lackawanna, New York,
by John Andreozzi … p. 55

9. Immigrant Occupations: A Comparison,
by Michael A. La Sorte … p. 84

10. Italians in Glen Cove: A Case Study of Ethnic Politics,
by Salvatore J. LaGumina … p. 92

11. The Albanese and Italian Community of Inwood, Long Island,
by Richard Renoff, Angela Danzim and Joseph A. Varacalli … p. 106

12. Family Structure in Rural Southern Italy: A Context for Emigration and American-Italian Family Structure,
by Nicholas J. Esposito … p. 133

13. Political Acculturation: Italian American Politics in Comparative Perspective,
by Ernest Rossi … p. 149

14. Riccardo Cordiferro,
by Emilise Aleandri … p. 165

15. Bogdan Raditsa: A Croat Among the Italians
Introductory Remarks,
by Joseph Velikonja … p. 179

A Croatian Among Italians: A Personal Memoir,
by Bogdan Raditsa … p. 182

16. Salvemini at Harvard: A Case Study in the Intellectual Migration,
by Charles L. Killinger … p. 198

17. Sacco and Vanzetti—Innocent or Guilty? The First Fifty Years, 1927-1977,
by Paul Avrich … p. 210

18. Carlo Tresca: Life and Death of a Revolutionary,
by Nunzio Pernicone … p. 216

19. Assimilation and Mobility of the Sardinian Immigrants to America: Garments and Solitude,
by Lina Unali and Franco Mulas … p. 236

20. Italian American Women: Changes in Educational Attainment,
by William Egelman … p. 244

21. Contemporary Italian American Ethnicity: Into The Mainstream,
by Donald Tricarico … p. 258

22. The American Italian Historical Association: Twenty Years Later, 1966-1986,
by Frank J. Cavaioli … p. 282

Appendix A Program, 19th Annual Conference of the American Italian Historical Association … p. 294

Index … p. 302