The Italian Americans Through the Generations

Rocco Caporale, ed. 1986


15. 1982. The Italian Americans Through the Generations. Rocco Caporale, ed. 1986. 263 pp. St. John's University, Jamaica, New York. October 29-31, 1982.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Italian Americans through the Generations … p. 1
by Rocco Caporale

Part I. Explorers, Patriots and Expatriates
Chapter 1. Giacomo Costantino Beltrami and the
Indians of North America … p. 4
by Luciano G. Rusich

Chapter 2. Francis Barretto Spinola, Nineteen Century
Patriot and Politician … p. 22
by Salvatore J. LaGumina

Chapter 3. Italian Expatriates and the American Civil War … p. 35
by Remigio U. Pane

Part II. Giuseppe Garibaldi in America
Chapter 4. Giuseppe Garibaldi: Italian Patriot
with an International Vision … p. 49
by Frank J. Coppa

Chapter 5. Garibaldi in the United States:
Haven for the Hero of Two Worlds … p. 57
by Joanne Pellegrino

Chapter 6. Garibaldi in American Poetry … p.64
by Joseph Tusiani

Part III. Unions, Politics and Social Mobility: Four Case Studies
Chapter 7. Unionism and the Italian American Worker:
the Politics of Anti-communism in
the International Ladies’ Garment Workers’ Union
in New York City, 1900-1925 … p.77
by Charles A. Zappia

Chapter 8. Pigtown, the James Madison Club and Power … p. 92
by Charles Lacerra

Chapter 9. Steelworkers and Storekeepers:
Social Mobility Among Italian Immigrants in Birmingham … p.98
by Robert J. Norrell

Chapter 10. The Life of Rosa Cavalleri: an Application of
Abramson’s Model of Rootedness/Rootlessness … p. 112
by Vaneeta-marie D’Andrea

Part IV. Images of Italian Americans: Collective and Individual Traits
Chapter 11. Cultural Traits of Italian Americans which Transcend Generational Differences… p.125
by Valentine J. Belfiglio

Chapter 12. The Italians of Montreal: A Critical Review
of the Literature … p. 143
by Anthony C. Masi

Chapter 13. Beyond the “Godfather” Image: the Role of Italian Americans
in the Development of America … p. 157
by Anthony Peter Alessandrini

Chapter 14. Social Psychiatry in the Italian American Community… p. 169
by Francis X. Femminella and Henry A. Camperlengo

Chapter 15. The Evolution of Pietro DiDonato’s Perceptions
of Italian Americans… p. 176
by Michael Esposito

Chapter 16. “The Semiology of Semen”: Questioning the Father … p. 185
by Robert Viscusi

Part V. Education as a Frontier
Chapter 17. Italian American Educational Attainment:
An Analysis Based on Current Population Survey Data … p. 197
by William S. Egelman

Chapter 18. Educational Attainment and Educational Values
of Italian Americans over Generations … p.212
by Jerome Krase

Chapter 19. Italian Americans and Public Higher Education:
the Counseling Program at The City University of New York … p. 226
by Joseph V. Scelsa

Epilogue. The 1982 Covello Award Paper Funerals, Family and Forefathers: Italian American Funeral Practices … p.237
by Daniel David Cowell