Italian Ethnics: Their Languages, Literature and Lives

Dominic Candeloro, Fred L. Gardaphe, and Paolo A. Giordano, eds. 1990.


20. 1987. Italian Ethnics: Their Languages, Literature and Lives. Dominic Candeloro, Fred L. Gardaphe, and Paolo A. Giordano, eds. 1990. 478 pp. Chicago, Illinois. November 11-13, 1987.


Table of Contents

Introduction … p. i
Keynote Address, by Joseph Tusiani … p. 1
Response, by Giose Rimanelli … p. 9


Italian Languages and Culture Promotion: The Pitfall of Cross-Cultural Misunderstanding,
by Paola Sensi-Isolani … p. 15

Language Retention and Ethnic Politics: A Case Study of an Italian-American Community in the 1930s,
by Salvatore J. LaGumina … p. 23

Linguistic Attitudes of the Sardinian Immigrants in the United States, 1900-1930,
by Lina Unali and Franco Mulas … p. 33

Politeness and Languages in Contact: Italians in Toronto,
by Jana Vizmuller-Zocco … p. 43

Ethnic Identity and Language: The Case of the Italo-Albanians,
by Mary Pecoraro Cawthon … p. 51


What is Italian American Literature,
by Robert Viscusi … p. 65

Emigrazione e American nella letteratura del Sud d’Italia,
by Sabastiano Martelli … p. 71

Arturo Giovannitti: Writings from Lawrence,
by Lucinda LaBella Mays … p. 79

Italian-American Women on the Frontier: Sister Blandina Segale on the Santa Fe Trail,
by Diane Raptosh … p. 91

The Scholarship of the AIHA: Past Achievements and Future Perspectives,
by Joseph Velikonja … p. 109


Introductory Remarks,
by Hon. Consul Genneral Dottore Leonardo Baroncelli … p. 127

La famiglia italiana e la famiglia statiunitense: A comparative historical study,
by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum … p. 133

NSC 1 and United States Foreign Policy Towards Italy,
by Ernest E. Rossi … p. 147

America’s Little Italies: Past, Present and Future,
by Jerome Krase … p. 169

The Participation of Italian American Women in Community Organizations,
by Judith N. DeSena… p. 185

A Sociodemographic Analysis of Italian Americans and the Twilight of Ethnicity,
by Frank J. Cavaioli … p. 191

Small Business and Social Mobility among Italian Americans,
by Andrew Sanchirico … p. 201

Old World Traits Obliterated: Immigrant Midwives and the Medicalization of Childbirth,
by Angela D. Danzi … p. 215

Ferrazzanesi in Cortland, New York,
by Francis X. Femminella … p. 231

Coverting the Italians: Protestant and Catholic Proselytzers in Milwaukee,
by John Andreozzi … p. 245

A View of Two Major Centers of Italian Anarchism in the United States: Spring Valley and Chicago Illinois,
by Gianna S. Panofsky … p. 271

The Italian Massacre at Walsenburg, Colorado, 1895,
by Conrad Woodall … p. 297

Drops within the Social River: Many Idioms of the Shopfloor from an Italian Perspective,
by Ferdinando Fasce … p. 319

Italian Emigration to the United States of America: The Case of Sicily (1880-1914),
by Luigi Di Comite and Michele De Candia… p. 339

La Grande Emigrazione Italiana negli Stati Uniti. Il caso della Calabria,
by Giuseppe De Bartolo… p. 357


Oral History: Our Ethnic Past is a Foreign Country,
by Michael La Sorte … p. 379

The Burden of a Name,
by Adria Bernardi … p. 393

First Encounter with Molise: Land of My Father,
by Richard N. Juliani… p. 399

On Translating My Father’s Memoirs: Portrait of the Italian Immigrant as a Young Man 1897-1920,
by Teresa Cerasuola … p. 417

One Hundred Years of Italian Immigration in Vermillion County, Indiana (1856-1956),
by Edoardo A. Labano … p. 429

The Italian Immigrant in the American South 1900-1960,
by Al J. Montesi … p. 441

Americal Unico and ‘Festa italiana’ in Chicago,
by Anthony Fornelli … p. 455

Appendix: 1987 Conference Program … p. 459

Contributors … p. 469

Index … p. 475