Italian Immigrants Go West: The Impact of Locale on Ethnicity

Janet E. Worrall, Carol Bonomo Albright, and Elvira G. Di Fabio, eds. 2003




Volume 34. 2001. Italian Immigrants Go West: The Impact of Locale on Ethnicity. Janet E. Worrall, Carol Bonomo Albright, and Elvira G. Di Fabio, eds. 2003. 232 pp. Las Vegas, Nevada. October 25-27, 2001.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements … p. iii
Introduction … p. v


Con le Nostre Mani: Italian Americans at Work in the East Bay, An abbreviated version of the photo exhibit.
by Teri Ann Bengiveno, Kathleen L. Rogers, and Laura E. Ruberto… p. 1

The Place of Identity: San Diego’s Little Italy and Community as Archive.
by Pasquale Verdicchio … p. 10


Frances Marline Stephenson’s Promises, a Woman’s Bildungsroman: Contradictions in Growing Up Female and Italian in San Diego.
by Teresa Fiore … p. 25

The Italians of Calaveras County.
by Mary Alice Sanguinetti … p. 38


Examining the Relationships of Italians and Mexicans in a ‘Mexican camp’ and a ‘white man’s camp,’ Mexicans and Euro-Latins in the Arizona Copper Industry: 1900-1930.
by Phylis Cancilla Martinelli … p. 55

Indians and Italians: The Boundaries of Race and Ethnicity in Rural Northern California, 1890-1920.
by Linda Pacini Pitelka … p. 66


Cultural Conflict in a Steel Town: Two Generations of Italian Women in Pueblo, Colorado.
by Karin Chapman … p. 79

Italian Americans in Suburbia: Italian Americans in Westchester County, New York.
by William Egelman, William Gratzer, Michael D’Angelo… p. 91


Go East, Paesani: Early Italian American Major Leaguers from the West Coast.
by Lawrence Baldassaro … p. 100

Opposing Fascism in the West: the Experience of Il Corriere del Popolo in San Francisco in the late 1930s.
by Benedicte Deschamps … p. 109


Mussolini’s Italian-American Sympathizers in the West: Mayor Angelo J. Rossi and Fascism.
by Stefano Luconi… p. 124

The Perception of Locale in Italian Australian Writing and Oral Histories.
by Gaetano Rando … p. 134


Italian Catholics Among the Mormons: Maintaining Identity in Zion.
by Philip F. Notarianni… p. 149

An Immigrant Story: Three Orphaned Italians in Early Utah Territory.
by Michael W. Homer … p. 158


The Italian Pentecostal Movement: An Italian-American Response to Irish Hegemony in American Catholicism at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.
by Jon C. Watt … p. 176

Waldensians in Texas: Religious Assimiliation in Galveston and Wolf Ridge.
by Michael T. Ward … p. 194


Gender and Transnational Ties: An Italian Family Saga of Emigration Across the Twentieth Century.
by Diane C. Vecchio … p. 207

Go West, Young Man. Go West with Republicanism: Joseph Rocchietti’s 1845 Essay against Nativism.
by Elvira G. Di Fabio and Carol Bonomo Albright … p. 215


Contributors … p. 225

Index … p. 228