Italians Americans in Transition

Joseph V. Scelsa, Salvatore J. LaGumina, and Lydio F. Tomasi, eds. 1990

21. 1988. Italians Americans in Transition. Joseph V. Scelsa, Salvatore J. LaGumina, and Lydio F. Tomasi, eds. 1990. 283 pp. John D. Calandra Italian American Institute of CUNY. New York. October 13-15, 1988.


Table of Contents

Introduction: Italian Americans in Transition, by Joseph V. Scelsa, Salvatore J. LaGumina, and Lydio F. Tomasi … p. i

Chapter 1. Wise Choices: Migratory Tradition & Strategies of an Italian Community in New York City,
by Patrizia Audenino … p. 3

Chapter 2. Origins of Post World War II Italian Migration to Latin America,
by Gloria LaCava … p. 17

Chapter 3. Italian Americans: The Suburban Dimension,
by Salvatore J. LaGumina … p. 27

Chapter 4. Sicilian Houstonians in Transition,
by Valentino Belfiglio … p. 39

Chapter 5. Geography of Ethnic Dispersal: Changing Settlement Patterns of Italians in Baltimore, 1920-1980,
by Nancy Torrieri … p. 49

Chapter 6. Immigrants From the Italian City of Carloforte,
by Mario Aste … p. 65

Chapter 7. Arthur Av./ Belmont/ Fordham Neighborhood
of the Bronx, New York,
by Teresa Cerasuola … p. 75

Chapter 8. International Institute of Boston and the Americanization of Italian Immigrant Women,
by Maddalena Tirabassi … p. 81

Chapter 9. Italian-American Women in Transition,
by Judith DeSena … p. 99

Chapter 10. Women and Italian Easter Folk Rituals,
by Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum … p. 105

Chapter 11. Family vs. Career: A Dilemma for the Italian-American Woman of the 80s,
by Geraldine Lanzilli Battista … p. 115

Chapter 12. Early 20th Century Inter-Ethnic Relations: A Case Study in North Carolina,
by John Santucci … p. 127

Chapter 13. Charles Poletti and 14 Other Italian-American Governors,
by Frank J. Cavaioli … p. 137

Chapter 14. Occupational & Educational Attainment of Italian-American Professionals in New York City,
by Vincenzo Milione … p. 153

Chapter 15. Contemporary Italian-American Drinking Practices,
by Hugh Klein … p. 177

Chapter 16. The Tarantella: Musical & Ethnic Identity For Italian Americans,
by Anthony Rauche … p. 189

Chapter 17. How I Became an Italian and What Happened Next,
by Patricia Bentivegna … p. 199

Chapter 18. The New Pluralism & Its Implications For Italian-American Literary Studies,
by Carol Bonomo Ahearn … p. 203

Chapter 19. Miei Cari Figli: Separation & Sadness Among Gangitani, Sicily,
by Frank Vazzano … p. 211

Chapter 20. The Italian Myth of America,
by Ernest Rossi … p. 217

Chapter 21. Sardinian Literature on the Subject of Migration to America,
by Franco Mulas and Lina Unali … p. 229

Chapter 22. Southern Italian Comedy: Old to New Worlds,
by Pamela Primeggia and Joseph Varacalli … p. 241

Chapter 23. Italian Prisoners of War in the United States: 1943-45,
by Janet Worrall … p. 253

Chapter 24. Ellis Island: The Italian Government and the Office for Information and Protection of Italian Emigrants,
by Carol Bradley … p. 263

Chapter 25. Molise Studies in America,
by Francis Femminella … p. 273