The Melting Pot and Beyond: Italian Americans in the Year 2000

 William Egelman and Jerry Krase, eds. 1987


18. 1985. The Melting Pot and Beyond: Italian Americans in the Year 2000. William Egelman and Jerry Krase, eds. 1987. 318 pp. Providence, Rhode Island. November 7-9, 1985.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. John Pastore, Italian-American Political Pioneer,
by Salvatore John LaGumina … p. 1

Chapter 2. An American Italian: The Life and Times of Luigi DePasquale (1892-1958),
by Joseph R. Paolini, Jr. … p. 15

Chapter 3. Doing Research in an Italian Village,
by Michael LaSorte … p. 29

Chapter 4. Places, Communities and Regions in the American Italian Studies—Territorial Coverage,
by Joseph Velikonja … p. 37

Chapter 5. The Position of Italian Americans in Contemporary Society,
by Richard N. Juliani … p. 61

Chapter 6. Italo-Albanian-American Experience: A Bibliographic Survey,
by Richard Renoff and Joseph A. Varacalli … p. 73

Chapter 7. Letters From Sicily and the Reconstruction of an Immigrant Past,
by Frank P. Vazzano … p. 91

Chapter 8. Fillippo Mazzei’s Virginia Peasants,
by Glenn Weaver … p. 99

Chapter 9. Sardinian Immigration to the Americas since 1900 Projected into the Year 2000,
by Lina Unali and Franco Mulas … p. 129

Chapter 10. Blessed are the Meek… Religion and Socialism in Italian American History,
by Anthony Mansueto … p. 117

Chapter 11. Italian Americans in the Year 2000: The Impact of Education,
by William Egelman … p. 137

Chapter 12. A Sociological Profile of Italian Americans in Medical Education,
by Rosanne Martorella and Patricia Perri Rieker … p. 151

Chapter 13. Fact in Fiction: Oral Traditions and the Italian American Writer,
by Fred L. Gardaphe … p. 165

Chapter 14. The Poetry and Politics of Arturo Giovannitti,
by Wallace P. Sillanpoa … p. 175

Chapter 15. Rehabilitating DiDonato, A Phonocentric Novelist,
by Daniel Orsini … p. 191

Chapter 16. The Formative Years of an Immigrant Sculptor,
by Carol Bradley … p. 207

Chapter 17. Italian-American Community Organizations: Problems and Prospects for Future Study,
by Jerome Krase … p. 217

Chapter 18. The Development and Maintenance of New York City’s Italian American Neighborhoods,
by Robert C. Freeman … p. 223

Chapter 19. Involved and ‘There’: The Activities of Italian American Women in Urban Neighborhoods,
by Judith N. DeSena … p. 239

Chapter 20. Celebration, Conflict and Reconciliation at Saint Anthony’s,
by Edythe Quinn Caro … p. 249

Chapter 21. Working for Some Rich People: An Oral History of Highwood, Illinois,
by Adria Bernardi … p. 259

Chapter 22. Current Patterns of Socialization and Adaption in an Italian American Community,
by Concetta A. Maglione Chiacchio … p. 273

Chapter 23. Nassau County’s Italian American Women: A Comparative View,
by Mary Jane Capozzoli … p. 285

Index … p. 297