Oral History, Oral Culture, and Italian Americans

Luisa Del Giudice ed. 2009.

Volume 38. 2005. Oral History, Oral Culture, and Italian Americans. Luisa Del Giudice ed. 2009. 288 pp, Palgrave MacMillan. Italian Oral History Institute, Los Angeles, California. November 3-6, 2005.

Table of Contents

i - Title Page
ii - Table of Contents
iii - Acknowledgements
iv - Contributors
v - List of Illustrations

A - Introduction

Chapter 1.
Speaking Memory: Oral History, Oral Culture and Italians in America
Luisa Del Giudice


B - Oral History

Chapter 2.
What Makes Oral History Different
Alessandro Portelli

Chapter 3.
Oral Histories of Italian Americans in the Great Depression: The Politics and Economics of the Crisis
Stefano Luconi


Chapter 4.
"Il Corriere del Pomeriggio" of the Gruppo Lonatese of San Rafael, Marin County, California
Ernesto R Milani

Chapter 5.
Breaking the Code of Silence Woman to Woman
Marie Saccomando Coppola


Chapter 6.
Twice Told Tales: Art and Oral Histories from the Tenement Museum and Ellis Island
B. Amore

C - Oral Culture

Chapter 7.
Cantastorie: Ethnography as Storysinging
Christine F. Zinni


Chapter 8.
"That's Not Italian Music"! My Musical Journey from New York to Italy and Back Again
John T. La Barbera

Chapter 9.
Simple Does Not Mean Easy: Oral Tradition Values, Music, and the Musicàntica Experience
Roberto Catalano and Enzo Fina


Chapter 10.
"The North End is a State of Mind Surrounded by Waters"
Augusto Ferraiuolo

Chapter 11.
"The Alms-seeking Tradition of Sant'Antonio Abate in 1920's Western Pennsylvania"
Michael Di Virgilio


Chapter 12.
In Search of the Roots of Stregheria: Preliminary Observations on the History of a Reclaimed Tradition
Sabina Magliocco

Chapter 13.
My Homer
Joanna Clapps Herman



Chapter 14.
Alessandra Belloni: In Her Own Words
Interview and Translation into English by Luisa Del Giudice