Pane e Lavoro: The Italian American Working Class

George E. Pozzetta, ed.

Conference Volume 11. 1978. Pane e Lavoro: The Italian American Working Class. George E. Pozzetta, ed. 1980. 176 pp. John Carroll University, Cleveland, Ohio. October 27-28, 1978.


Table of Contents

Preface by Luciano J. Iorizzo, President, AIHA … p. vii
Introduction by George E. Pozzetta… p. ix

Part 1 Work and the Working Class
Anthony Capraro and the Lawrence Strike of 1919 … p. 3
by Rudolph J. Vecoli

Italians and the Tampa General Strike of 1910 … p. 29
by George Pozzetta

Italian Involvement in the 1903-04 Coal Miners’ Strike
in Southern Colorado and Utah… p. 47
by Philip F. Notarianni

Italians in the Cherry, Illinois, Mine Disaster… p. 67
by Betty Boyd Caroli

The Cultural Background of the Italian Immigrant Woman
and Its Impact on Her Unionization in the
New York City Garment Industry 1880-1919 … p. 81
by Colomba M. Furio

Angela Bambace and the International Ladies
Garment Workers Union:
the Search for an Elusice Activist … p. 99
by Jean Scarpaci

The Padrone System and Sojourners in
the Canadian North, 1885-1920 … p. 119
by Robert F. Harney

Part 2 Working-Class Conflict and Adjustment
Italian American Workers and the Response to Fascism… p. 141
by Vincent M. Lombardi

The Italian American Working Class and the Vietnam War … p. 159
by Fred Milano