Power and Class: The Italian American Experience Today

Francis X. Femminella, ed

4. 1971. Power and Class: The Italian American Experience Today. Francis X. Femminella, ed. 1973. 58 pp. Kosciuszko Foundation, New York. October 23, 1971.

Table of Contents

List of Officers … p. iii
Introduction: Salvatore J. LaGumina, President … p. iv
Preface: Francis X. Femminella, Editor … p. v

Social Science and Achievement Motivation Among Italian-Americans,
Joseph Lopreato … p. 1

Italian-Americans and Radical Politics,
Joseph A. Scimecca and Francis X. Femminella … p. 12

Militantism and Italian-American Unity, Silvano M. Tomasi … p. 20

Discussion of Papers, Michael J. Parenti … p 29

Discussion of Peter Bizen’s book: Whitetown U.S.A.
Introduction: Thaddeus V. Gromada …p 33
First Critique: James C. Mancuso …p 34
Second Critique: Eugene Kusielewicz …p 44
Reply: Peter Binzen …p 52