The Religious Experience of Italian Americans

Silvano M. Tomasi, ed.

Volume 6. 1973. The Religious Experience of Italian Americans. Silvano M. Tomasi, ed. 1975. 133 pp. Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey. November 17, 1973.




Table of Contents


Introduction. Salvatore J. LaGumina, President ... n.p.

I. Research and Studies on the Religious Experience of Italian Americans, by S.M. Tomasi … p. 5

II. The Interest of Bishop Giovanni Battista Scalabrini of Piacenza in the “Italian Problem,” by Edward E. Stibili … p. 13

III. Philadelphia's South Italians and the Irish Church: A History of Cultural Conflict by Richard A. Varbero … p. 33

IV. The Social Varieties of Catholic Behavior: The Italian Experience Viewed Comparatively by Harold J. Abramson … p. 55

V. Protestantism and Italian Immigration in Boston in Late 19th Century: The Mission of G. Conte by Angelo Oliviery … p. 73

VI. The Franciscans and Italian Immigration in America by Rev. Leonard Bacigalupo, O.F.M. … p. 107

VII. Comments on the various papers delivered in the morning
Dr. Paul Rizzuto … p. 121
Fr. Tomasi … p. 121
Professor D’Antonio … p. 122
Professor O’Brien … p. 126
Dr. Philip M. Kayal … p. 129