To See the Past More Clearly: The Enrichment of the Italian Heritage, 1890-1990.

Harral E. Landry, ed. 1994.


23. 1990. To See the Past More Clearly: The Enrichment of the Italian Heritage, 1890-1990. Harral E. Landry, ed. 1994. 285 pp. New Orleans, Louisiana. November 1-3, 1990.



Table of Contents

Preface … p. ix
Presidents, American Italian Historical Association … p. x
Richard N. Juliani, The President's Message … p. xi
Harral E. Landry, Ethnic History: Unifying Thread of Scholarship … p. xv

Joseph V. Scelsa and Vincenzo Milione, High School Dropout Rate Indicators for Italian American and other Race/Ethnic Populations ... p. 1

Alan Balboni, From Little Italies to the Western Frontier: Italian Migration to Las Vegas, 1947-1970 ... p. 19

Richard N. Juliani, Al Ricupero di una Tradizione Perduta: Toward the Recovery of a Lost Tradition ... p. 33

Emma Scogna Rocco, Nick La Rocca, Jazz Pioneer: The Italian Image in the Musical Tradition of New Orleans ... p. 51

Concetta A. Maglione, Education and Adaptation in an Italian American Community: Students' Identity Patterns, abstract ... p. 59

Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum, the goddess, black madonnas, and socialismo autogestito: the case of Italy ... p. 60

Michael La Sorte, La Duse Women's Club and the Mamma Mias: Type and Stereotype ... p. 68

Gloria Nardini, Is It True Love? or Not?--Patterns of Ethnicity and Gender in Nancy Savoca ... p. 76

Dominic R. Massaro, The Future of Ethnicity: The Order Sons of Italy in America--A Continuing Case Study ... p. 80

Joseph J. Bentivegna, Italian Ethnicity as Perceived from Suburban and Rural America ... p. 87

Lisa Di Giacomo, Noble and Ignoble Savages: America and Italy in the Works of Cesare Pavese, abstract... p. 93

Sheryl Lynn Postman, Parallels of Life Style: Southern Italians in the United States South-- New Orleans, 1891, abstract... p. 94

Kenneth Scambray, Outside the Framework of Time: The Briganti of Southern Italy ... p. 95

Angela D. Danzi, Per curare gli'italiani poveri: Columbus Hospital, New York City, 1892-1920 ... p. 103

Anthony T. Rauche, Professions of Italian-American Women: Grooming for the Body, Singing for the Soul ... p. 116

Elizabeth G. Messina, Separation and Individuation Issues Among Upwardly Mobile Italian American Males: An Exploratory Study, abstract ... p.125

Anthony D. Cavaluzzi, "Flesh and Soul:" Religious Hegemony in Di Donato's Naked Author ... p. 126

Carol Bonomo Ahearn Albright, Transitions from the Sacred to the Secular in Two Italian American Novels ... p. 134

Maria Pastore Passaro, L'autobiografia di Joseph Tusiani ... p. 145

Charles E. LaCerra, Machine Politics: Meade Esposito and the Irish Paradigm ... p. 153

Stefano Luconi, Anti-Italian Prejudice and Discrimination and the Persistence of Ethnic Voting among Philadelphia's Italian-Americans: 1928-1953, abstract ... p. 162

Carol Bradley, The Challenges of Inter-Ethnicity: Florence, Italy, 1990- New Orleans 1890-1891 ... p. 163

Judith N. Desena, Defending One's Neighborhood at any Cost: The Case of Bensonhurst ... p. 177

Dennis Starr, La Festa: Survival or Extinction? ... p. 191

Denise Mangieri DiCarlo, The Role of the Italian Festa in the United States ... p. 198

Samuel J. Marino, Italian Language Newspapers in Texas ... p. 206

Valentino J. Belfiglio, Sicilian Immigrants in Jefferson County Texas, 1890-1920: Their Folkways and Culture ... p. 211

Anthony Julian Tamburri, Diacritical Mark or Ideological Construct? The Hyphen in the Other-American Writer ... p. 216

Francis X. Femminella, The New Orleans Incident in Capt. Howard's The New Orleans Mafia, abstract ... p. 227

Dominic Candeloro, The Role of the Scalabrini Fathers in the Chicago Italian American Community ... p. 228

Peter Slavcheff, Italian American Industrial Labor in the Birmingham District, Alabama, 1880-1980 ... p.237

Earnesto Milani, Peonage at Sunnyside and the Deficiencies of the Italian Government, abstract ... p. 247

Matthew J. Schott, Low Esteem for Italian Military Ability during the Second World War ... p. 248

Joseph Salituro, Italian American and Nationalism: A Case of Mixed Loyalties ... p. 256

William Parrill, Hollywood Films in the Light of Neorealism: A Prospectus ... p. 268

Tonia Caterina Riviello, Cristo se e fermato a Eboli: A Different View ... p. 276