Shades of Black and White: Conflict and Collaboration Between Two Communities

Daniel Ashyk, Fred L. Gardaphe, and Anthony Julian Tamburri, eds. 1999


Volume 30. 1997. Shades of Black and White: Conflict and Collaboration Between Two Communities. Daniel Ashyk, Fred L. Gardaphe, and Anthony Julian Tamburri, eds. 1999. 378 pp. Cleveland, Ohio. November 13-15, 1997.

Table of Contents

Fred Gardaphe, Presidential Address … p. vii


Dan Ashyk, Preface … p. xiii

Letizia Argenteri, Faccetta nera, bell'abissina! The Power of Fascist Political Propaganda … p. 1


Lee Bernstein, Capone's Old Town: Italian-American "Mobsters," Racial Desegregation, and the Cicero Riots of 1951 … p. 13

Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, The Making of Tradition … p. 28


Frank J. Cavaioli, Geno Baroni: Italian-American Civil Rights Priest … p. 45

Joanna Clapps Herman, Certainty and Other Shades of Darkness … p. 55


Joseph M. Conforti, Wasp in the Woodpile Revisited: Italian - American - African - American Conflict … p. 62

Rose De Angelis, "What's in a Name?" Conflicted Identities in Black and White … p. 78


Blossom S. Kirschenbaum, Sons of Darkness, Sons of Light: Criminal Justice as Crime to Achieve Justice … p. 87

Jerome Krase, The American Myth(s) of Ethnicity … p. 103


Adele La Barre Starensier, Sex, Race, Omerta & Pepperidge Farm Milanos … p. 117

Salvatore J. LaGumina, African-American and Italian-American Relations in the Light of the Harlem riots of 1935 … p. 122


Stefano Luconi, A Troubled Political Partnership: Italian Americans and African Americans in the New Deal Democratic Coalition … p. 133

John R. Mitrano, The Role of African Americans in Ethnic Identity Among Generation X Italian Americans … p. 150


Khalil G. Muhammad, Race, Crime, and Social Mobility: Black and Italian Undesirables in Modern America … p. 172

Nadia Venturini, African-American Riots during World War II: Reactions in the Italian-American Communist Press … p. 186


Chandra Harris, Nero su bianco: Examing the Presence of the African-American Soldier in Rossellini's Paisa … p. 211

Cynthia L. Vigliotti, Gianna Vivo, Salvatore Attardo, and Sarah Brown-Clark, Stereotyping Ethnicity: The Ideology of Filmic Representations of Italian Americans and African Americans … p. 218


Mario Aste, Is Stereotyping Spike Lee's Way to Do the Right Thing, or Just a Spiked Case of Jungle Fever? … p. 227

Nicole Bensoussan, Tragic Vistas in Spike Lee's Jungle Fever and Do the Right Thing … p. 237


Stephen Pierson, Defamiliarizing (Re)presentation: The Poetics of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing … p. 243

Elisabetta Marino, History and Prehistory in the Screenplay of The English Patient by Anthony Minghella and in Somali Queen, Somali King by Lina Unali … p. 253


Edvige Giunta, Figuring Race: Kym Ragusa's fuori/outside … p. 262

Dennis Looney, Dante in Black and White: Moments in the African-American Reception of the Divine Comedy … p. 275


Mary Russo Demetrick, Reading between the Lines … p. 291

Mary Jo Bona, "Circles and Circles of Sorrow": Remembering Community in Selected Works of African/ American and Italian/American Women Writers … p. 303


Steven J. Belluscio, Self- Mutilation or Self- Empowerment? Passing in the Modern African/ American and Italian/American Novels … p. 316

Mary Ann Mannino, Blurred Racial Borders in the Poetry of Maria Mazziotti Gillan and Rose Romano … p. 331


Mary S. Costanza, Best Friends … p. 340

Luisa Calio, African Initiation … p. 349


Contributors … p. 357

Index … p. 367