A Tavola! Food, Tradition, and Community Among Italian Americans

Edvige Giunta and Samuel J. Patti, eds.


Volume 29. 1996. A Tavola! Food, Tradition, and Community Among Italian Americans. Edvige Giunta and Samuel J. Patti, eds. 137 pp. Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. November 14-15, 1996.

Table of Contents

Edvige Giunta and Samuel J. Patti, Introduction … p. i


Food and Identity: The Personal and the Cultural
Suzanne Branciforte, The Madeleine Became a Cavatello: Food, Memory, and Italian-American Identity … p. 1

Camille Cauti, “Pass the Identity, Please”: Culinary Passing in America … p. 10


John R. Mitrano, “I Have a Craving for Italian…”: Food and Ethnic Identity Formation Among Generation X Italian Americans … p. 20

Food as Culture: Productions and Reproductions
Annette Wheeler Cafarelli, Cena Trimalchionis: Identity in the Publishing Industry … p. 33


Jennifer Lucchino, Deciphering Italian American Kitchen Design … p. 49

Stefano Luconi, Not Only “A Tavola”: Radio Broadcasting and Patterns of Ethnic Consumption Among Italian Americans in the Interwar Years … p. 58


Elizabeth G. Messina, Soul-Food ad Psychologically Transcendent Ways of Knowing in Household Saints … p. 68

Cassandra Vivian, Festa di Quarata: A Binding Tradition … p. 83


Food in Literature: Contexts and Representations
Edvige Giunta, “Spills of Mysterious Substances” or Making One’s Own History: Tina De Rosa, Louise DeSalvo, Sandra Mortola Gilbert, and Rose Romano … p. 97

Josephine Hendin, Festas and Foodfights: Italian-American Postmodernism as a Feast of Words … p. 107


Julia Lisella, Radicalizing an Uncertain Past: The Poetry of Rosa Zagnoni Marinoni … p. 115

Contributors … p. 129


Index … p. 135