Through the Looking Glass: Images of Italians and Italian Americans in the Media

Mary Jo Bona and Anthony Julian Tamburri, eds.

27. 1994. Through the Looking Glass: Images of Italians and Italian Americans in the Media. Mary Jo Bona and Anthony Julian Tamburri, eds. 290 pp. Chicago, Illinois. November 10-12, 1994.





Table of Contents

Anthony Julian Tamburri. Preface … p. i


Mary Jo Bona. Imaging of Italians and Italian Americans--A Critical Introduction … p. iii

Jerome Krase. President's Message … p. xiii


Rudolph J. Vecoli. Are Italian Americans just White Folks? … p. 3

Richard Gambino. Some Proposals in Answer to Professor Vecoli's Question … p. 18


Diane Di Prima. "Don't Solidify the Adversary!" A Response to Rudolph Vecoli … p. 24

Michael La Sorte. Negative Media Images: Could Be Worse … p. 33


Stefano Luconi. "Mobsters" at the Polls: The Mafia Stereotype of the Media and Italian-American Voters in Philadelphia in the Early 1950s … p. 38

Adele Maiello. Ligurian Newspapers and the Myths of Emigration to the Americas … p. 51


John R. and James G. Mitrano. Mammas, Papas, Traditions, and Secrets: The Marketing of Italian Americans … p. 71

Ernest E. Rossi. European Images of Italians … p. 85


Mario Aste. Filmic Representations of Lucky Luciano in America and in Italy … p. 105

Mary Ellen Mancina-Batinich. The Performers: Italian Immigrant Radio and Theater in Minnesota, 1900-1950 … p. 120


Francesco Mulas. Religion in John Fante's Novels … p. 135

Peter Carravetta. Places, Processes, Perspectives in Italian-American Poetry and Poetics … p. 148


Letizia Argenteri. Old Fascism, New Fascism … p. 177

Anne Calcagno. Italian Laborers in Saudi Arabia: A Veiled History -1944-54 … p. 182


Frank J. Cavaioli. Corona's Little Italy … p. 194

Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum. The Long History of Sicilians … p. 215


Anthony D'Angelo. Italian Harlem's Saint Benedict the Moor … p. 235

Jerome Krase. Italian and Italian-American Spaces … p. 241


Grace A. Lamacchia Paris. The Mentoring Needs of American-American College Students … p. 266

Edward A. Maruggi. Winemaking: A Socialization Process Between Parent and Child … p. 284


Salvatore J. LaGumina. Anti-Italian Discrimination-An Update … p. 293

Anthony Julian Tamburri. Italian/American Cultural Studies--An Emergence{y}? … p. 305


Name & Subject Index … p. 327