The Urban Experience of Italian-Americans

Pat Gallo, ed.

Volume 8. 1975. The Urban Experience of Italian-Americans. Pat Gallo, ed. 1977. 177 pp. Queens College, Flushing, New York. November 14-15, 1975. Table of Contents


Table of Contents

Introduction. Luciano J. Iorizzo, President … p. ii
Preface: Pat Gallo, Conference Coordinator
and Program Chairperson … p. iv

1. Speech Delivered to the American Italian Historical Association’s Eighth Annual Conference, Mario M. Cuomo …p. 1

2. Italians in Urban America: Retrospect and Prospect
Emigration from Four Italian Villages: Strategy and Decision,
Rudolph M. Bell …p. 9

3. Ethnicity Maintenance and Assimilation:
San Francisco and Chicago
Ethnicity Maintenance in the Italian American Community of San Francisco, 1940-1975, Rose Scherini … p. 36

Theater and Community: The Popular Italian Theater of San Francisco: 1905-1925, Maxine Seller … p. 52

Assimilation in a Working Class Suburb: The Italians of Blue Island, Illinois, Harry Jebsen, Jr. …p. 64

Comment: Charles Ferroni … p. 85

4. Italian-Americans and The Urban Crisis
Italian-Americans and the Urban Crisis: A Sociological Perspective,
Joseph M. Conforti …p. 95

5. Ethnicity and Political Behavior:
Italians in an Urban Milieu
The Urban Italian: Patterns of Political Accommodation to Local Regimes, Richard A. Gabriel and Paul L. Savage … p. 107

6. Ethnicity, Mental Disorders,
and The Italian-Americans
Mental Disorders in Italian-Americans, Lino Covi … p. 131

Psychotherapy of Italian-Americans, Arcangelo D’Amore …p. 142

7. The Mental Health of Italian-Americans
Mental Health of Italian Americans: Religious Aspects,
Angelo D’Agostino … p. 150

Italian-American Woman Implications for Mental Health,
Fidelia A. Masi … p. 153

8. Italian-Americans and the Media
Analysis of the Treatment of Italians in Senior High School American History Textbooks and a Preliminary Review of Selected Current Textbooks, Thomas B. Cousins … p. 159

Comment: Albert Grande … p. 173