Call for Papers:Old Country in the New Country: The Material and Visual Culture of American Immigration

(Jun 16, 2015)

The College Art Association calls for papers on: Old Country in the New Country: The Material and Visual Culture of American Immigration at its 2016 meeting, Washington, DC. The United States has been and continues to be a country composed of people from many places. Is occupants have always struggled with how to imagine their place in this transnational, multiethnic community. The early twentieth century was replete with new European immigrants and metaphors for naturalizing those immigrants: Israel Zangwill’s Melting Pot called for assimilation, while Horace Kallen’s symphony and Louis Adamic’s common ground called for cultural pluralism. New twenty-first-century notions of global community have expanded cultural pluralism and questioned what role traditions from immigrant homelands may play in the construction of new American identities. This session seeks to explore how artworks, exhibitions, and mass media images created by both institutions and individuals visualize American and immigrant identity, construct official national narratives, and express the difficulties of constructing new lives in foreign environments. Papers may focus on any historical or contemporary moment in American history, and may address how immigrant populations are made visible/invisible, immigrant rights, Americanization and assimilation, nativism, and institutional histories, among other topics.

CAA 2016
Washington, DC, February 3-6, 2016
Radical Art Caucus, 1.5 hour session
Chairs: Diana Greenwold, University of California, Berkeley
Heidi Cook, University of Pittsburgh,